·   History of Gelato   · 

       Around 4000 years ago people living in areas such as Mesopotamia, Egypt and China started building underground structures aimed at storing ice and snow collected from the nearby mountains, these constructions are called ice-houses.

       In ancient Rome, among the aristocracy snow began to be used in recipes that can be considered the progeny of gelato: mixtures of fruit or fruit juices and milk were frozen by putting them inside the ice-houses.
       The Italian Giovanbattista Della Porta, is considered one of the fathers of gelato, because in 1589, he described in detail the process of freezing wine by turning the bottle inside a mixture of ice water and salt.
       In the 17th century Louis the XIV introduced gelato to the European courts. In many records were mentioned wonderful Italian iced desserts that were served at banquets.
       Francesco Procopio, was another Italian gelato pioneer who brought his interpretation of iced desserts from Sicily, Italy to Paris, France.  At the end of the 17th century in his café, the “Café Procope”, was served the first whipped and creamy gelato of which we have written record.
       The evolution of gelato goes through the centuries until the beginning of the eighteenth century to be considered a typically Italian product.
       In the eighteenth century, many workers from northern Italy (especially from areas such as the Zoldo Valley) emigrated transforming themselves into street vendors, before of roasted chestnuts and caramelized fruit and then of gelato, boosting the gelato export throughout Europe.   
       During the 19th century artisan gelato was produced inside a gelato maker composed by a big wooden bucket with at the center a cylindrical container.
       Even industrial ice cream became so readily available and well known, a lot of people still prefer to eat artisan gelato, which is carefully and freshly made every day in small batches by the artisans in the shops, following special recipes.

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