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Gelato Food Training Course Introduction



Italy is an ancient country and its acknowledged as one of the birthplaces of western culture, its also home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world.  Its famous worldwide for its delicious cuisine.   As part of the Italian heritage, Italian Gelato plays its important role in daily life of Italian. The founder of Gelato Food Mr. Marco Pardini who is from Tuscany took this Italian heritage into China, particularly based in Qingdao to promote Italian Gelato in China.  

意大利是一个古老的国家,是西方文明的发源地之一,它也是联合国教科文组织世界遗产最多的国家。 意大利的美食闻名全球。 作为意大利遗产的一个部分,意式Gelato在意大利人的日常生活中起着重要的作用。 吉拉朵公司创始人,来自意大利托斯卡纳的Marco Pardini先生把这一意大利遗产带到了中国,总部设在青岛,在中国推广意式Gelato。 


“Mr. Marco Pardini who is Italian citizen but lives long-term in P.R. of China is with reputation for his professional mission to promote Italian high-quality products (Italian gelato) and solidarity spirit” -Ambassador of Italy, H.E. Ettore Sequi declared during the ceremony to bestow the Italian Official award of “Officer of Order of the Star of Italy” onto Mr. Marco Mardini dated 14 Dec., 2018.

“在中华人民共和国长期居住的意大利公民Marco Pardini先生以传播意大利传统优质产品(意式Gelato)的专业使命和团结精神而著称” - 意大利驻华大使谢国谊在2018年12月14日为Marco Pardini先生获得“意大利之星将领勋章”授勋仪式上讲到。 


Italian gelato is well-known for its natural, fresh and healthy, it makes people to be social and interaction; it creates the happiness and one kind of lifestyle from Italy.



Italian Gelato business is growing in China year by year, the middle-class consumers prefer healthy and quality gelato for children and seniors. Some special skill training schools, western restaurants, coffee shops even industrial ice cream enterprises started to recognize the Italian gelato business, 11-12 Oct., 2018, GF and Easy Best successfully organized the first professional China Gelato Invitational Tournament, made training for all candidates of the competition in GF training center, drive the frozen food industrial development in China.  

意式Gelato在中国的市场逐年增长,中产消费群体更倾向于为儿童和老人选择健康,高质量的产品。 一些专业的培训院校,西餐厅,咖啡厅甚至工业冰淇淋企业开始认可意式Gelato。2018年10月11-12日吉拉朵食品和青岛益达制冷成功地举办了中国第一次专业的意式Gelato大师邀请赛,吉拉朵培训中心为所有参赛选手培训,推动冷冻饮品行业在中国的发展。


Its critical to select the raw materials, local specialty of fresh fruits, nuts for its high-quality gelato.

作为高质量的意式Gelato, 在选择原料及当地特色的新鲜水果、坚果方面十分严格。 


In our 3 days basic training course, you can learn how to select the raw materials without E471, E472a, E472b and E477 which GF ingredient don’t use, practice to make gelato on the use-friendly gelato machine, to understand the basic knowledge to open one gelateria as per the population, location and investment return to make an amateur into entrepreneur.

在我们三天的基础课培训中,您可以学到如何选择原料,而不含有E471, E472a, E472b 和E477(单双甘油脂肪酸酯等), 这些都是吉拉朵食品不使用的原料,您可以动手做Gelato, 并操作冰淇淋机,根据人流量,地点和投资回报来了解开店的基本知识,让您从一个业余爱好者变成创业者。


Gelato Practice Area

吉拉朵食品(青岛)有限公司拥有中国国内学习Gelato 的意式冰淇淋实操培训中心,培训中心面积约132㎡,冰淇淋培训设备一共28台,其中包括冰淇淋凝冻机、速冻柜、展示柜和巴氏杀菌机。并且培训中心可同时容纳25人同时进行课程培训,以确保参加培训的学员都能够自己动手实际操作冰淇淋以及冰淇淋的相关产品的制作。

Gelato Food (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. has the largest Italian ice cream training center in China. The training center covers an area of 132m2 and there are 28 ice cream training equipment, including ice cream freezing machine, quick freezing cabinet, display cabinet and Pap. Sterilizer. And the training center can accommodate 25 people at the same time to carry out course training to ensure that the participants in the training can do the actual operation of ice cream and ice cream related products.

Soft Gelato practice area

Gelato Training Center

吉拉朵食品不仅拥有学习Gelato 的意式冰淇淋实操培训中心,并且还拥有意式冰淇淋理论培训中心,面积约65㎡,可同时容纳32人学习意式冰淇淋理论知识,还配备有现代化的多媒体设备,为参加培训的学员创造了舒适的学习环境。

Gelato Foods not only has China's largest Gelato training center, but also has an Italian ice cream theory training center with an area of about 65 square meters, which can accommodate 32 people to learn the theory of Italian ice cream, and is equipped with modern multimedia. The equipment creates a comfortable learning environment for the participants.


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