Difference between Gelato and Ice Cream

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Gelato & Ice Cream
Gelato and Ice Cream. There are two products that have a different manufacturing process and a different shelf-life. The creation of the homemade gelato is made in a laboratory inside the store, is produced using fresh products and sold the same day or the next day. Ice cream production quantities are higher than homemade gelato and are made by specific industrial machinery. Its shelf-life is much greater than gelato and the final product will arrive directly to the customer shop by a refrigerate car.
Having two different products, artisan gelato needs to be present and sold in a showcase with a temperature of -12 / -15 degrees, whereas industrial ice cream must be present in a showcase with a temperature of – 18/ -20 degrees.
Gelato is a sweet food, made from raw materials such as milk, cream, sugar, fresh fruits, chocolate or other ingredients subject to freezing by professional gelato machines called batch freezer, take what we call artisan gelato.
Gelato is constituted by fats, carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins that thanks to the raw materials used compose our healthy product.
It is a product that in every season it is consumed by all range people age. It is well known that gelato consumption is an emotional instinct; therefore it is important to reach some aspects to have a successful product:
1. 1. Taste, gelato and sorbet should have a nice taste.
2. Color, gelato and sorbet should have a bright color.
3. Shape, gelato should have a smooth shape.
4. Ingredients: Italian gelato is based on premium quality raw ingredients.
5. Equipment: as the ingredients importance even the usage of the right equipment it is important. For making gelato the equipment that a gelato shop needs are the following: Batch freezer, Blast freezer, Negative cabinet, Showcase.
6. Appealing, gelato or sorbet should be appealing to the sell. Everyone who sees our product in the showcase needs to have the instinct to purchase, to try it. Making food give you the possibilities to share your creativity among your production, like making  gelato.
Note that: in winter people prefer to eat gelato with fats inside, gelato based milk, summer time people prefer to eat sorbet without fats inside, sorbet based of water.

The mainly ingredients used for make gelato:
1. Gelato mixture is costituited by: Water, Fats, Sugar, Magri del latte, lactose and protein, Other solid.
2. Milk and Cream: Nowadays on the market we can find many types of milk, whole milk, partly skimmed milk and skim milk, each of these have a different fat content. Usually in the supermarket we will find the milk already pasteurized, but in Italy many shop prefer to use fresh milk to produce gelato. Whole milk, obtained by milking the cows, is the mainly used for make gelato. It has a fat content of 3.5% and is constituted by 87.5% water. We have a total solid of 12.5%, the rest, 87.5% is water. Inside the milk we can find the only animal sugar and it is called lactose. Has the anti freezing power of 100% and power of sweetness of 16%. Even the cream like the milk, is consists of fat intake that can vary. The cream with 35% fat it’s most used for make Italian traditional gelato. It’s very important because it is rich in fat and is constituted by 59% of water. We have a total solid of 40.8%, the rest 59% is water. Inside the cream we can find the only animal sugar and it is called lactose. Has the anti freezing power of 100% and power of sweetness of 16%. Using the cream is very important because helps us to increase the fats in our gelato making our mix creamier and smooth and will increase the anti freezing point of our product. The cream is rich in fats, and the fats give us the feeling of hot inside our mouth and will increase the anti freezing point. If you will make a traditional sorbet based with water and without fat will have more feeling of cold because it is constituted by no fats. The total fat inside a milk Italian gelato base ranges from 3-10%, while the standard sorbet (mixture with fruits) instead being water based are not made ​​up of fats. 
3. Sugars: The principal sugar used for make gelato and sorbet is called sucrose. There are different types of sugars on the market, each one with specific functions. The power of sugar must not be underestimated. In the creation of our mixture, each ingredient must have a precise dosage, otherwise, in the case of a wrong dosage of the sugar sucrose, our gelato will spend not only more time in the batch freezer but the structure of it will be softer and sweeter than usual. The sucrose has a power of sweetness of 100% and brought to below zero remain in its shape, so it is easy to make on our gelato visible ice crystals. The function of the sugar is the following: Give the sweetness, Give the solidify, Let a part of our mixture to remain liquid. Usually instead of the sugar sucrose, we can use also different sugars. The mainly used are dextrose or glucose syrup. 
4. Dxtrose: Dextrose has an 8% of water and the rest 92% is sugar. Dextrose and sucrose using together will improve our mixture. Dextrose will give to our mixture, sweetness, solid and anti freezing power. The dextrose has the function of decrease the anti freezing of our mixture. 
5. Glucose Syrup with 42DE: The glucose syrup with 42DE is the mainly used for make gelato. It is constituted by 5% of water and 95% of sugar. Glucose syrup has different DE, the DE following by the number tell us the percent of sugar glucose inside 100gr of product. The using of these sugars will decrease the sense of sweetness and anti freezing.  Usually in Italy for 1 kg recipe we put 25% of sugar but in other country such as China do not like to much sweet and are better to use a 20% of total sugar in 1 kg recipe. 
6. Magri del latte: In our recipe the magri del latte we can find inside the milk and cream but also by the ingredients used. There are the sugar and protein inside the raw materials used for make gelato. In our recipe the magri del latte will give to our mixture.
7. Solid: Will improve our mixture. They improve the in globe of air inside our mixture. Permits to a part of water to remain liquid, power anti freezer of the sugar lactose.
8. Other Solid: The main ingredients that will help our mixture to be homogeneous, is the thickeners and emulsifiers, without it our ingredients will not assembly well. We call it stabilizer and are a mixture of thickeners and emulsifiers, looking like the classic flour for cooking or pastry. It is without taste, so can be used for every flavor without changing the taste of our final product. A thickener is a substance which can increase th viscosity of a liquid without substantially changing its other properties. A gelato mixture contains different ingredients that contain water that at first are not blend together, using the thickener and emulsifiers our mixture will not looks liquid like water but will increase the shape.  Using the stabilizers will reduce the tension between water and fats. 
9. Fuctose: It is composed by 100% of fructose sugar. The fructose sugar has a power of sweetness higher than sucrose, a high power of anti freezing and will give to our mixture high solidy. 
10. Honey: In homemade gelato we can choose also to use the natural sugar called honey. It is composed by 20% water, 40% of glucose and 40% of fructose. The honey sugar has a power of sweetness higher than sucrose, a high power of anti freezing and will give to our mixture high solidy. 

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